We’re Back from Natural Products Expo West

It’s been a busy weekend for Choice Organic Teas.

Abby and Sothy in our booth

Abby and Sothy in our booth

A handful of us were in Anaheim, California for the annual Natural Products Expo West tradeshow. It’s one of our biggest events of the year and it’s always a great show. The entire natural products industry, from food to beauty products to cleaning supplies and everything in between, gathers in the Anaheim Convention Center to show off our newest ideas. It’s always exciting to see a new, natural product take the place of one that uses harsh chemicals. And it’s great to be able to talk tea and everything else to do with natural products with our customers and friends, as well as show off the new teas that we’ve been working so hard on this past year.
Ray Lacorte (Head of Operations), Eric Ring (Head of Production, Purchasing, and Certification), Anne-Marie Phillips (Head of Sales and Marketing), Sothy Hul (Wholesale Customer Service Representative), and myself (Marketing & Communications Coordinator Abby Waysdorf) staffed the booth at the show. Despite the state of the economy, it was a successful and busy show for all of us, and a great way to showcase our new Whole Leaf Organics. Our new Whole Leaf Organics teas got some fantastic responses, so ask for them at your favorite grocery store. Or, if you don’t want to wait, you can buy them directly from us on our website of course.

Eric working hard

Eric working hard

Our next show should be even more exciting, since it’s open to the public and in our own backyard! The Seattle Green Festival is taking place March 28 and March 29 at the Washington State Convention Center, and we’ll all be there showing off our teas. Tickets are on sale now, or you can get a free one with a purchase at PCC Natural Markets. See you there!


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