Win Tickets to the Seattle International Film Festival!

Spring in Seattle is great for a number of reasons, but one of the best is that it’s once again time for the Seattle International Film Festival. SIFF is the largest film festival in the United States, featuring films for over three weeks, and this year 392 films from 62 countries will be screened, including 31 world premieres, 45 North American premieres, and 13 US premieres. New venues have been added all around the city, including our local digs in West Seattle. You get a unique opportunity to be the first to see a range of films made from the best independent and mainstream filmmakers out there, making this truly a major event across all of Seattle. You can check out the entire schedule at

We’ve been proud sponsors of SIFF for several years now, and we’re proud to be sponsors again. Not only are we helping SIFF to another great year, but we’ve also got a chance to share the festival with our fans as well. We have a pair of tickets to any regular screening to give away to a lucky reader. Leave a comment here to be entered to win. We’ll pick a random name and inform the winner by Wednesday afternoon.

Good luck!


78 thoughts on “Win Tickets to the Seattle International Film Festival!

  1. movies with the word ‘tea’ in them:

    Tea and Sympathy
    Eat a Bowl of Tea
    Tea with Mussolini
    Tea for Two
    The Bitter Tea of General Yen
    Nude Bondage Tea Party

  2. I think you are neat for doing this. Maybe I will take a hobo as a means of passing the karma along.

  3. Tea is the one word that comes from Chinese (chá 茶) that can be found in virtually all of the worlds languages — tea, te, the, tee, cha, chai, chay etc. Hope to see some great Chinese films at SIFF!

  4. …but do you have Scottish Breakfast blend?
    herbal fluffiness is nice and all, but it’s no the same as a big burly kilt-lifter.

  5. ah, as the rain flows I can imagine an August afternoon under the ancient apple tree sipping NW Blackberry iced tea mixed with pom juice

  6. I love SIFF almost as much as I love Choice tea! I hope I win tickets so that I can take my best friend to a show – she told me she’s been wanting to go to SIFF for the last 5 years but has never gotten the chance!!!

  7. These are better odds than any lottery and I just quit coffee so I should acquaint myself with your products. For reals.

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