Staff Favorites: Orange Spice

One of the best things about working here at Choice Organic Teas is the sheer range of teas we get to try. There’s a tea here to fit every taste, and we drink them all. The spectrum of teas that we offer means that every employee has a different favorite. And like any tea drinker, we’re passionate about our favorites. So each month, we’re going to have one of us here at Choice Organic Teas talk a little about our favorites and what they mean to us.

orange spicePersonally, my favorite is our Orange Spice. When I was younger my mother made orange spice tea for me on weekend mornings, when I could sleep in late and have a leisurely family breakfast. Or we’d drink it together in the evenings when it got cold, with a few cookies, as a treat.

When I came here and found that we had an Orange Spice blend of our own, I was thrilled. It’s even better than my memories. The flavors and blend of spices are more vibrant than the tea I had as a kid (although maybe I brew it stronger these days), plus it’s organic and Fair Trade. I drink it on rainy Seattle days and whenever I need a bit of comfort. It never fails to cheer me up.
What teas make you feel better?


3 thoughts on “Staff Favorites: Orange Spice

  1. Orange Spice was the first Choice tea I tried and it has remained my favorite. I prefer it to chai, it’s much milder with just the right amount of spice.

    I looked for a Choice “page” on Facebook but none was to be found. The company should start one!

  2. Orange Pekoe is my favorite. Grew up in the 50s and 60s drinking it when not to many different drinks were available. Thought Orange Pekoe went by the way-side till my wife found it in a Organic store in California. I looked at the fine print on the box and was surprised that it is pack and shipped in Seattle. I live in Olympia. Now I need to find a local store that sells it. Very good flavor. As they say “It Hits-the Spot”.

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