Hot Tea Month Contest Winner!

Our randomly selected winner is…

Lisa B.

We will be sending a box of Oolong, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Premium Japanese Green, Lemon Lavender Mint, and White Peony.

Congrats! And look out for our next giveaway!


2 thoughts on “Hot Tea Month Contest Winner!

  1. I enjoy your tea. I respect the fact you are environmentally aware. I do however think(I think the other shoe is about to drop) you as a company would be better served if you didn’t say on your box that to enjoy the subtle taste of my darjeeling I should not add any milk or sweetner. I think that you would agree that taste like music is subjective and if a person’s taste buds tells their brain that their cup of tea is more enjoyable with a scant teaspoon of organic raw honey then God love ’em let’s let them put the honey in and not try to dictate our tastes onto them. I could drink my darjeeling w/o my added honey (I have tried it w/o honey) ‘until the cows come home’ and I would never ever enjoy it as much as I do with the honey. Respectfully submitted. Bob Freund

  2. Hi Bob, thanks for sharing your thoughts! We’ve actually updated our Original Line packaging, so you won’t see this on the Darjeeling box anymore. It was just a serving suggestion, but we definitely want you to enjoy our tea however you find best. Love the idea of the raw honey, it does sound delicious!

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